BRAND Transferpette® electronic multichannel

BRAND Transferpette<sup>®</sup> electronic multichannel
The optimum design, the layout of the controls and the adjustable
finger rest provide a piston-operated pipette Transferpette®
electronic that fits the hand like a glove.
Perfect for right-handers and left-handers alike
It was the first multichannel microliter pipette worldwide
recognized with the ergonomics approved certificate from the
Technical Control Board Rhineland/Berlin-Brandenburg

Special features:
• Clearly understandable display
• Ergonomically arranged ejection button with color code for tip size
• Manifold can be autoclaved at 121 °C and rotates freely 360°
• Individual shafts and seals can easily be unscrewed
   Tip cones and seals can be easily cleaned or replaced
• This patented procedure eliminates the expense and long outages
   providing long service life and low operating costs.
• Effortless mounting and easy ejection of the tips allowed by V-rings
   made of FKM and stepped tip ejector.
• Five convenient programs: pipetting, reverse pipetting, mixing,
   GEL-electrophoresis and dispensing
• Easy calibration for making quick adjustments without tools.
• CE-marked according to IVD directive 98/79 EG

Items supplied:
Transferpette® -8 / -12 electronic pipette, conformity certified,
supplied with performance certificate, battery, AC adapter,
device stand, Tip-Box SL, refill units, reagent reservoir,
1 set of sealing rings made of FKM, silicone oil

adjustmentdivisionnumber of
per pc.
Type Transferpette® - 8 electronic, 8 channels
705399In den Warenkorb
0,5 - 10 µl0,01 µl8629,00 €
705400In den Warenkorb
1 - 20 µl0,02 µl8629,00 €
705403In den Warenkorb
5 - 100 µl0,1 µl8629,00 €
705404In den Warenkorb
10 - 200 µl0,2 µl8629,00 €
705406In den Warenkorb
15 - 300 µl0,5 µl8629,00 €
Type Transferpette® - 12 electronic, 12 channels
705449In den Warenkorb
0,5 - 10 µl0,01 µl12729,00 €
705450In den Warenkorb
1 - 20 µl0,02 µl12729,00 €
705453In den Warenkorb
5 - 100 µl0,1 µl12729,00 €
705454In den Warenkorb
10 - 200 µl0,2 µl12729,00 €
705456In den Warenkorb
15 - 300 µl0,5 µl12729,00 €

Fitting equipment

Charging stand for Transferpette<sup>®</sup> electronic
Charging stand for Transferpette®...