KIMTECH® Science precision tissues » KW52

KIMTECH<sup>®</sup> Science precision tissues » KW52
Specially treated, highly absorbent precision tissues, in dispenser boxes
Single ply towels, virtually lint free, suitable for sensitive areas
e.g. cleaning of optical components, lenses, slides and much more
Chemically inert - for use with solvents and chemicals

typetissue sizepack sizeprice
per pack
price from
10 packs
KaufenKW51755130,4 x 30,4 cm1 dispenser box
(196 Tissues)
18,90 €15,90 €
KW52755211,4 x 21,3 cm1 dispenser box
(280 Tissues)
8,90 €7,50 €

Fitting equipment

Cleansing tissues
Cleansing tissues

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