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Feeding needles

Feeding needles
Reusable straight needles made of stainless steel
Excellent for the feeding of laboratory animals,
such as mice and rats. No risk of injury for animal
and users through the specially shaped blunt tip
Suitable for all syringes with Luer or LuerLock cone
Assortment of 12 packed in a plastic box, incl. cleaning wires

Assortment includes 2 each of the following needles:
• 1.0 x 60 mm (19G) • 1.2 x 60 mm (18G) • 1.5 x 60 mm (17G)
• 1.5 x 80 mm (17G) • 1.8 x 80 mm (15G) • 2.0 x 80 mm (14G)

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per pack
KES1In den Warenkorb
Feeding needles assortment12 pc. assortet94,90 €

Fitting equipment

TBC syringes, Luer lock
TBC syringes, Luer lock
Feeding needles  » KES1
Feeding needles » KES1
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