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Orbital shaker

Orbital shaker
Compact and versatile orbital shaker for shaking attachments
Driven by long-life brushless motor with load balancing system
Allowed operating temperature: +4° C to 40° C
Delivery without attachment, please order seperately

• Speed​​: 50 to 450 min -¹, continuously adjustable
• Stroke: circular, 10 mm shaking amplitude
• Timer: 1 min to 96 h / continuous operation
• Load: max. 3.0 kg
• Connection: 230 V, 12 V external power supply

Two shaking attachments to choose:
Universal attachment No. UP27 with three clamping rolls
Suitable for Erlenmeyer flasks, bottles and beakers
Universal platform No. UP23 with non-slip rubber mat
Suitable for cell culture flasks, petri dishes, plates etc.

Picture shows basic device PSU1 with universal attachment UP27

w x d x h in mm
per pc.
PSU1In den Warenkorb
220 x 205 x 903,4 kg699,00 €
UP23In den Warenkorb
255 x 255 x 10flat platform
with rubber mat
59,00 €
UP27In den Warenkorb
285 x 220 x 40universal platform
with 3 adjustable bars
149,00 €

Fitting equipment

Culture media flasks DURAN<sup>®</sup>, baffled
Culture media flasks DURAN®, baffled
Orbital shaker » PSU1
Orbital shaker » PSU1
Orbital shaker » UP27
Orbital shaker » UP27
Orbital shaker » UP23
Orbital shaker » UP23