Gel loader tips, boxed »
with round tip 0,60 mm Ø » GS20

Gel loader tips, boxed » <br/>with round tip 0,60 mm Ø » GS20
Special tips made of high purity polypropylene, boxed
Ideal for the application of samples on sequencing gels
Suitable for virtually all kind of micro pipettes

volumetotal lengthpack sizeprice
per pack
price from
10 packs

with round tip 0,58 mm Ø
KaufenGS050,1 - 10 µl57 mm204 Tips
26,90 €21,90 €

with fine capillary tip 0,25 mm Ø
KaufenGS100,1 - 10 µl58 mm204 Tips
52,90 €45,90 €

with round tip 0,60 mm Ø
GS201 - 200 µl68 mm204 Tips
26,90 €21,90 €

Fitting equipment

X-ray films, Fujifilm
X-ray films, Fujifilm

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