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PE-coated paper, LabSorb

PE-coated paper, LabSorb
Universally applicable protective film made of smooth, high-quality,
white absorbent paper with single-sided polyethylene coating
Extremely absorbent for uptake of spilled liquids like chemicals
The impermeable PE layer protects the workplace from contamination

• suitable as working basis for the bench
• for the protection of glass vessels on hard surfaces
• for lining of laboratory animal housing
• paper weight: 125 g / m²
• water consumption: ca. 170 ml ​​/ m²

typesizepack sizeprice
per pack
PEP2In den Warenkorb
roll400 mm x 50 m1 roll84,90 €
PEP3In den Warenkorb
roll600 mm x 50 m1 roll114,90 €
PEP4In den Warenkorb
sheets460 x 570 mm100 pc.77,90 €