Counting chambers, CE-certified » » ZK06

Counting chambers, CE-certified »   » ZK06
EU version with CE mark, made of optical glass
With 2 hemacytometer cover slips 20 x 26 mm
With two counting grids, without clamps
Suitable for in-vitro-diagnostic use

Type ZK01 - ZK06 = dark lined / type ZK13 + ZK16 = bright lined

systemdepth of chambercolor of linesprice
per pc.
KaufenZK01Bürker0,100 mmdark30,90 €
KaufenZK02Fuchs-Rosenthal0,200 mmdark30,90 €
KaufenZK03Neubauer0,100 mmdark29,90 €
KaufenZK04Thoma neu0,100 mmdark30,90 €
KaufenZK05Thoma0,100 mmdark30,90 €
ZK06Neubauer improved0,100 mmdark29,90 €

"bright - lined" version with dark background
KaufenZK13Neubauer0,100 mmbright58,90 €
KaufenZK16Neubauer improved0,100 mmbright58,90 €

Fitting equipment

Cover slips, hemocytometer
Cover slips, hemocytometer

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