PROMO Analytical balances
KERN ADB series

<b>PROMO</b> Analytical balances <br />KERN ADB series
New model with improved price / performance ratio
Ideal for laboratories, research institutes, schools, etc.

With a large glass draft shield with 3 sliding doors
for convenient access to the weighing material.
Large backlit LCD display with 16 mm digit height.
Simple and comfortable 6-button operation
Adjusting program CAL (suitable test weights sold separately)
RS-232 interface for printers or data transfer to PC.

• Total dimension: 230x310x330 mm (WxDxH) = ADB1 + ADB2
• Total dimension: 230x310x230 mm (WxDxH) = ADB6
• Chamber dimension: 170x160x205 mm (WxDxH) = ADB1 + ADB2
• Chamber dimension: 170x160x110 mm (WxDxH) = ADB6
• Dimension of weighing plate: 90 mm Ø (made of stainless steel)
• Ambient temperature range: + 10° C to + 30° C
• Net Weight: ca. 4,4 kg


We can send you a brochure with technical data on request

Temporary Promo price valid till 30.09.2023
Corresponds to 20 % on the current KERN list price

readoutdraft shieldtypelist
per pc.
ADB1In den Warenkorb
120 g0,1 mglargeADB 100-4
820,00655,00 €
ADB2In den Warenkorb
210 g0,1 mglargeADB 200-4
910,00725,00 €
ADB6In den Warenkorb
120 g/
600 ct
0,1 mg/
0,001 ct
smallADB 600-C3810,00648,00 €

Options for ADB series
ADBAIn den Warenkorb
Gem dishAluminumwith spoutAEJ-A05 43,00 €
ADBBIn den Warenkorb
DAkkS -calibrationfor ADB series963-101 179,00 €

Fitting equipment

Anti-vibration table for balances
Anti-vibration table for balances
Weighing brush
Weighing brush
Weighing dishes
Weighing dishes