CELLview™ Dish with Glass Bottom

CELLview™ Dish with Glass Bottom
From Greiner GBO made of PS with embedded glass bottom
Free of detectable DNase, RNase, human DNA
Non-pyrogenic, non-cytotoxic
Embedded glass bottom for maximal planarity

Glass bottom features:
- High transparent achromatic borosilicate glass
- hydrolytic class 1 (DIN ISO 719)
- Glass thickness 175 µm +/- 15 µm
- Maximal spectral transmission, no autofluorescence

Number of compartments: 1
Diameter: 35 mm; height: 10 mm
Growth area: 8.7 cm²
Total volume: 10 ml
Working volume: 5 ml
Quantity per bag: 10 pc.
Quantity per case: 40 pc. (pack size)

Ø x height
order No.
pack sizeprice
per pack
CV35In den Warenkorb
35 x 10 mm62786140 pc.244,90 €

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