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Pipetus® pipetting aid

Pipetus<sup>®</sup> pipetting aid
Battery operated pipetting aid by Hirschmann
For all measuring and volumetric pipettes from 0.1 ml to 200 ml

Filling as well as for blowing out can be set
with five precisely coordinated power stages
Pumping and suction speed can be selected infinitely
The colored display on the top shows pipetting mode,
pipetting speed and charge level of the battery.
The charging of the built-in battery is contact-free, and
microprocessor controlled in an inductive charging station.

• NiMH batteries, incl. Inductive charging and parking station
• Low-noise, vibration-free pump motor
• Accurate pipetting by fine-tuning valves
• Absolutely tight fit of all pipettes by silicone adapter
• Hydrophobic PTFE membrane filter with 0.2 µm pore size
• "Ex" or "Blow-Out" setting possible
• wall mount included

per pc.
PPAKIn den Warenkorb
Pipetus® 100 - 240 Volt399,00 €
spare parts for Pipetus®
GUADIn den Warenkorb
silicone adapter12,90 €
PPSVIn den Warenkorb
safety valve28,90 €
STPNIn den Warenkorb
PTFE safety filter 0,2 µm6,90 €

Fitting equipment

Measuring pipettes, graduated
Measuring pipettes, graduated
Serological pipettes GBO
Serological pipettes GBO