Working Station GLW Blue Rack

Working Station <i>GLW</i> <font color=#0404B4>Blue Rack</font>
"Blue Rack'', the workstation made out of reinforced polypropylene
Especially suited for centrifuge tubes (Falcons) of all manufacturers
Unique screw assembly provides superior durability and stability
Space efficient designed i.e. for use in the safety cabinet
Use in freezer down to -90° C, autoclavable up to +121° C

for tubesdivisiondimensions
l x w x h in mm
per pc.
G18In den Warenkorb
up to 17 mm Ø
(15 ml)
18 spaces122 x 88 x 7010,90 €
G23In den Warenkorb
up to 30 mm Ø
(50 ml)
6 spaces
(2 x 3)
122 x 88 x 7010,90 €
G26In den Warenkorb
up to 30 mm Ø
(50 ml)
12 spaces
(2 x 6)
234 x 88 x 7013,90 €

Fitting equipment

Vacuum cups for <i>GLW</i> Blue-Racks
Vacuum cups for GLW Blue-Racks