Measuring pipettes, graduated »
cotton stopper ends (neck Ø ca. 8 mm) » PM2W

Measuring pipettes, graduated » <br>cotton stopper ends (neck Ø ca. 8 mm) »  PM2W
Measuring pipettes made ​​of glass, calibrated to "Ex"
With color code according to ISO
DIN quality for highest requirements, Class B, zero point at top
With very durable, fused in graduation (brown)
Autoclavable, sterilizable, frequently usable

The eco-friendly alternative to disposable pipettes

capacity ca.divisiontotal lengthprice
per pc.
price from
50 pc.

w/o cotton stopper ends, (neck Ø ca. 5 mm)
KaufenPM050,5 ml0,01 ml360 mm1,90 €1,40 €
KaufenPM11 ml0,01 ml360 mm1,90 €1,40 €
KaufenPM22 ml0,01 ml360 mm1,90 €1,40 €

cotton stopper ends (neck Ø ca. 8 mm)
Kaufen PM1W1 ml0,01 ml360 mm2,00 €1,60 €
PM2W2 ml0,01 ml360 mm2,00 €1,60 €
Kaufen PM55 ml0,05 ml360 mm1,90 €1,40 €
KaufenPM1010 ml0,1 ml360 mm1,90 €1,40 €
KaufenPM2020 ml0,1 ml375 mm3,50 €2,70 €
KaufenPM2525 ml0,1 ml400 mm3,80 €2,90 €
KaufenPM5050 ml0,2 ml450 mm5,90 €4,90 €

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