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Pipette Box Economy GLW

Pipette Box Economy <i>GLW</i>
Stable Pipette boxes in various sizes made of aluminum
Square Form without silicone coating
For the sterilization and the storage of glass pipettes
Soft and easy gliding of the lid onto the base
Grooves on the side assure a secure grip
Heat resistant up to +250° C / 482° F, autoclavable
Outer dimensions lid (upper part): 68 x 68 mm

No. A20: For Pasteur pipettes 150 mm
No. A30: For Pasteur pipettes 230 mm and shorty pipettes
No. A40: e.g. for glass pipettes up to 375 mm (0.5 to 20 ml)
No. A45: e.g. for glass pipettes up to 450 mm (25 and 50 ml)

per pc.
from 25 pc.
A20In den Warenkorb
150 - 240 mm variable29,90 €27,90 €
A30In den Warenkorb
230 - 320 mm variable30,90 €28,90 €
A40In den Warenkorb
310 - 400 mm variable31,90 €29,90 €
A45In den Warenkorb
310 - 450 mm variable37,90 €35,90 €

Fitting equipment

Rack for <i>GLW</i> Pipette Boxes
Rack for GLW Pipette Boxes
Pipette Box Premium <i>GLW</i>
Pipette Box Premium GLW