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IsoFreeze® Labtop Cooler

IsoFreeze<sup>®</sup> Labtop Cooler
Reversible cooling box with lid filled with insulating gel.
For quick and repeatable cooling of biological samples.
No direct contact between the tube and the insulating gel
The Labtop Cooler is cooled down in a freezer for about 2 hours and
maintains the temperature of samples for 5 hours at about 0 ° C

• for 20 microtubes 1.5 / 2.0 ml on one side
• for 20 microtubes 0.5 ml on the other side

colorspacesdimensions with
lid W x D x H
per pc.
LC40In den Warenkorb
grey2 x 20172 x 108 x 104 mm91,90 €

Fitting equipment

Microtubes with lid,
Microtubes with lid, "EasyFit"
Microtubes orig. eppendorf<sup>®</sup>
Microtubes orig. eppendorf®