Filtertips racked PEAK® sterile, "low binding"

Filtertips racked PEAK<sup>®</sup> sterile,
Filtertips type PEAK / Sorenson "Low Binding" (Made in USA)
Precision tips made of high-purity polypropylene, with aerosol barrier
With hydrophobic filter for protection against contamination of pipette
and against cross contamination of the samples with aerosols
Especially suitable for all PCR® applications
Free of RNase/DNase, Human DNA, Pyyrogen and PCR Inhibitors
Universal fit, suitable for virtually all micropipettes
Comes in a Rack with hinged, lockable lid

volumelengthcolorcodepack sizeprice
per pack
FTP1In den Warenkorb
0,5 - 10 µl45 mmred960 Tips
(10 x 96)
85,00 €