Cryo-freezing unit "Quick-Freeze" » QF18

Cryo-freezing unit
Cryo freezing device "Quick-Freeze", made of polycarbonate
For slow, constant cooling of about 1° C / minute in the freezer
For optimal cell recovery after storage at low temperatures

Easy to use:
Instructions for use are printed on the vessel
No contact of the tubes with the alcohol, labels remain readable
Only 100 % isopropyl alcohol and a freezer are required
For up to 18 cryotubes from 1.0 to 2.0 ml
Affordable alternative to "Mr. Frosty" (No. EC18)

Ø x height
per pc.
QF18120 x 86 mm1874,90 €

Fitting equipment

2-Propanol p.A.
2-Propanol p.A.