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Scalpel blades, economy » SJ20

Scalpel blades, economy » SJ20
Affordable blades made ​​of carbon steel
Individually wrapped sterile in aluminum blister
For standard type scalpel handles # SKG3 and SKG4

shape for scalpel handlepack sizeprice
per pack
KaufenSJ10No. 10SKG3100 pc.14,90 €
KaufenSJ11No. 11SKG3100 pc.14,90 €
KaufenSJ15No. 15SKG3100 pc.14,90 €
SJ20No. 20SKG4100 pc.14,90 €
KaufenSJ21No. 21SKG4100 pc.14,90 €
KaufenSJ22No. 22SKG4100 pc.14,90 €
KaufenSJ23No. 23SKG4100 pc.14,90 €
KaufenSJ24No. 24SKG4100 pc.14,90 €

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