Precision balances KERN EWJ series » EWJ1

Precision balances KERN EWJ series  » EWJ1
Entry level model into the upper laboratory class,
also with with EC type approval [M] *

Concept of easy use:
All primary functions have their own key on the keypad
Internal adjustment guarantees high accuracy
Ideal for mobile applications which require verification
Compact size, practical for small workspaces
Capacity indicator: graph displays available weighing range
RS-232 and USB interface for transferring to PC, printer, etc.
Models EWJ4 and EWJ6 comes without data interfaces!

Draft shield small (WxDxH: 145x160x80 mm) with lid
Factory default for models EWJ1, EWJ4 and EWJ5
Draft shield large (WxDxH: 155x175x217 mm) with 3 sliding doors
Factory default for model EWJ2
Dimensions without draft shield: 220 x 315 x 90 mm (WxDxH)


* Factory verification possible for models EWJ4 - EWJ7

We can send you a brochure with technical data on request

readoutdimensions of
weighing plate
per pc.
EWJ1300 g0,001 g80 mm ø
(draft shield S)
EWJ 300-3549,00 €
KaufenEWJ2300 g0,001 g80 mm ø
(draft shield L)
EWJ 300-3H639,00 €
KaufenEWJ33 000 g0,01 g135 mm ø
(no draft shield)
EWJ 3000-2519,00 €
KaufenEWJ4600 g0,01 g135 mm Ø
(draft shield S)
EWJ 600-2SM459,00 €
KaufenEWJ5600 g0,01 g135 mm ø
(draft shield S)
EWJ 600-2M469,00 €
KaufenEWJ66 000 g 0,1 g155 x 145 mm
(no draft shield)
EWJ 6000-1SM449,00 €
KaufenEWJ76 000 g0,1 g155 x 145 mm
(no draft shield)
EWJ 6000-1M459,00 €

Factory options for EWJ series
internalfor EWJ1 - EWJ7KFB-A0139,00 €
KaufenEWJBFactoryverificationfor EWJ4 + EWJ5965-21685,00 €
KaufenEWJCFactoryverificationfor EWJ6 + EWJ7965-21799,00 €

Fitting equipment

Weighing scoop
Weighing scoop
Weighing paper
Weighing paper
Sample pans made of aluminum
Sample pans made of aluminum