Precision balances, KERN PFB series » PFB6

Precision balances, KERN PFB series  » PFB6
Affordable precision scales with stainless steel pan
Backlit LCD display with large, easy-to-read digits
Capacity display via status bar in the LCD display
With leveling screws and bubble indicator for precise leveling
Dimensions without windshield: 210 x 315 x 90 mm (W x D x H)
All models up to 3.000 g capacity are equipped with draft shield

• With external calibration (CAL)
• RS 232 interface for data transfer to PC or printer
• Power supply: 230 V, weight: approx. 2.0 kg


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readoutdimensions of
weighing plate
per pc.
KaufenPFB1120 g0,001 g80 mm ØPFB 120-3299,00 €
KaufenPFB2200 g0,001 g 80 mm ØPFB 200-3309,00 €
KaufenPFB2-E300 g0,001 g80 mm ØPFB 300-3339,00 €
KaufenPFB2-X600 g0,01 g120 mm ØPFB 600-2245,00 €
KaufenPFB31.200 g0,01 g120 mm ØPFB 1200-2259,00 €
KaufenPFB42.000 g0,01 g135 mm ØPFB 2000-2279,00 €
KaufenPFB53.000 g0,01 g120 mm ØPFB 3000-2299,00 €
KaufenPFB5-E6.000 g0,05 g155x145 mmPFB 6000-2265,00 €
PFB66.000 g0,1 g155x145 mmPFB 6000-1229,00 €

Fitting equipment

Weighing boats, assortment
Weighing boats, assortment
Weighing paper
Weighing paper
Weighing scoop
Weighing scoop
Weighing forceps
Weighing forceps
Compressed air spray
Compressed air spray
Sample pans made of aluminum
Sample pans made of aluminum

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