Micro pipettes, Pipetman® Neo » » PGV4

Micro pipettes, Pipetman<sup>®</sup> Neo »   » PGV4
New generation: up to 50 % less effort when pipetting!
The pipette standard for durability, accuracy and precision
Robust air displacement pipettes for everyday use in your lab
Unique fat-free, low maintenance sealing system
All parts are highly durable and easy to clean
Ejector and shaft autoclavable, color-coded buttons

per pc.
KaufenPGV1P2N0,2 - 2 µlF144561262,00239,90 €
KaufenPGV2P20N2 - 20 µlF144563222,00204,90 €
KaufenPGV3P200N20 - 200 µlF144565222,00204,90 €
PGV4P1000N100 - 1000 µlF144566222,00204,90 €
KaufenPGV5P10N1 - 10 µlF144562262,00239,90 €
KaufenPGV6P100N10 - 100 µlF144564222,00204,90 €

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