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Pipette tips, One-Touch

Pipette tips, One-Touch
Universal pipette tips suitable for all conventional micropipettes
e.g. Eppendorf, Gilson, Brand, Biohit, Finnpipette, Socorex etc.
Elastic shaft made of TPE and rigid body made of polypropylene
Shaft with imprinted graduation
Sterile packed in ecological cardboard e-dek-rack

• Cardboard raw materials from sustainable forestry, recycleable
• Less plastic garbage because empty rack is foldable
• Printed with soy-based ink
• Better seal for accurate pipetting at reduced effort

colorcodevolumetips per boxprice
per pack
price from
10 packs
PUBIn den Warenkorb
blue50 - 1250 µl646,50 €4,90 €
PURIn den Warenkorb
red0,1 - 20 µl966,50 €4,90 €
PUYIn den Warenkorb
yellow1 - 350 µl966,50 €4,90 €