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Weighing boats, assortment

Weighing boats, assortment
Set includes three different sizes of weighing dishes
Suitable for liquids and solids
Made of white polystyrene, square shape

Set consists of:
1000 pcs. of 7 ml weighing dishes (No. WAE1)
500 pcs. of 100 ml weighing dishes (No. WAE2)
250 pcs. of 250 ml weighing dishes (No. WAE3)

With 100 g Haribo jelly for free!
capacitypack sizeprice
per pack
price from
5 packs
WAEXIn den Warenkorb
7, 100, 250 ml1750 pc.
82,90 €69,90 €

Fitting equipment

Weighing scoop
Weighing scoop
Weighing paper
Weighing paper