Tempering block for microtubes

Tempering block for microtubes
Tempering blocks made of solid, blue anodized aluminum
For uniform heating or cooling of standard microtubes
With conformal boreholes for optimal temperature transfer
The aluminum block can be placed in freezer, ice bath or on hot plate
to be brought to the desired temperature to temper the samples

for tubesspacesdimensions
w x d x h in mm
per pc.
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1,5 ml Eppi4 x 6 99 x 74 x 5090,00 €
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0,5 ml Eppi6 x 9118 x 80 x 30 99,00 €
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0,2 ml PCR8 x 12118 x 80 x 30 109,00 €

Fitting equipment

Microtubes with lid,
Microtubes with lid, "EasyFit"
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PCR®-Strips economy
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