Blotting paper

Blotting paper
Universal blotting paper for use with all important
Blot techniques for proteins and nucleic acids,
Dot and Slot processes, gel lifting, buffer wicking, Semidryblotting
The papers have a smooth surface, and a very
high and uniform absorption over the entire surface
The papers are characterized by highest purity, which
eliminates errors caused by interfering substances

typesizeflow rate
mm / 10 min.
pack sizeprice
per pack

Thickness: ca. 0,35 mm, 195 g / m², medium absorbency
GB46In den Warenkorb
FN 100460 x 570 mm115100 sheets149,00 €
GB58In den Warenkorb
FN 100580 x 600 mm115100 sheets159,00 €

Thickness: ca. 0,76 mm, 330 g / m², high absorbency
GB33In den Warenkorb
BF 3580 x 600 mm13050 sheets155,00 €

Thickness: ca. 1,3 mm, 550 g / m², extra high absorbency
GB40In den Warenkorb
BF 4580 x 580 mm16025 sheets119,00 €

Fitting equipment

Transfer membranes, rolls, NC
Transfer membranes, rolls, NC
Semidry blotter
Semidry blotter