Microtest plates, 96-well »
Lids suitable for microplates MTF, MTU, MTV » MTD

Microtest plates, 96-well » <br/>Lids suitable for microplates  MTF, MTU, MTV » MTD
Made of selected, crystal clear PS, machine-sterile, uncoated
96-well format, 8 x 12 wells, without lid (see No. MTD)
Alphanumeric embossing for error-free identification of the wells
Excellent optical characteristics of the used material
Frosted upper side reduces reflections
Dimensions: 128 x 85 x 15 mm (l x w x d)

F - profile:
microscopic applications (bottom reading) / extended growth area
U - profile:
no edges for simple, clean pipetting / for +/- evaluations
V - profile:
good pipetting of "last drop" on the ground / for +/- evaluations
with condensation rings to avoid loss of media
lid can only be placed reproducibly, no cross-contamination

bottom profilevolume
of each well
pack sizeprice
per pack
price from
5 packs
KaufenMTFF - shape405 µl100 pc.63,90 €59,90 €
KaufenMTUU - shape345 µl100 pc.54,90 €50,90 €
KaufenMTVV - shape335 µl100 pc.61,90 €57,90 €

Lids suitable for microplates MTF, MTU, MTV
MTDlidsmade of PS100 pc.49,90 €46,90 €

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