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Microtubes, light protection » RKS1

Microtubes, light protection » RKS1
Made of high-grade polypropylene, autoclavable at 121° C
With attached flat snap-in lid
Suitable for protecting your light sensitive samples

• amber: sligthly transparent, similar to amber glass, sample visible
• black: completely intransparent, sample is not visible

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10 packs
KaufenRK17       black1,5 ml1000 pc.29,90 €24,90 €
RKS1       amber1,5 ml1000 pc.20,90 €17,90 €
KaufenRKS2       amber2,0 ml1000 pc.23,90 €19,90 €
KaufenRKS5       amber0,5 ml1000 pc.18,90 €15,90 €

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