Basic scales KERN EMB series » EW00

Basic scales KERN EMB series » EW00
Reliable low cost models with plastic weighing plate
Battery-operated, battery included, AC adapter sold separately

• External calibration (CAL)
• Particularly flat design
• Dimensions: 170 x 240 x 39 mm (w x d x h)
• Weight: approx. 500 g
• Hook for underfloor weighing included
• Model EW00 and EW01 with annular wind shield


readoutdimensions of
weighing plate
per pc.
EW00100 g0,001 g82 mm ØEMB 100-3179,00 €
KaufenEW01200 g0,001 g82 mm ØEMB 200-3199,00 €
KaufenEW02200 g0,01 g105 mm ØEMB 200-2115,00 €
KaufenEW04600 g0,01 g105 mm ØEMB 600-2145,00 €
KaufenEW05500 g0,1 g150 mm ØEMB 500-152,00 €
KaufenEW061.200 g0,1 g150 mm ØEMB 1200-172,00 €
KaufenEW073.000 g0,1 g150 mm ØEMB 3000-1115,00 €
KaufenEW086.000 g0,1 g150 mm ØEMB 6000-1149,00 €
KaufenEW202.200 g1 g150 mm ØEMB 2200-054,00 €
KaufenEW505.200 g1 g150 mm ØEMB 5.2K154,00 €
KaufenEW525.200 g5 g150 mm ØEMB 5.2K549,00 €

power supply 230 V to 9 V suitable for all basic scales
Kaufen NA23 power supply230 V9 V / 300 mA 14,90 €

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