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Mini-Cooler, 32 Plätze

Mini-Cooler, 32 Plätze
Made of Polycarbonate with non-slip feet and safety bar
For tempering of reagents on the laboratory bench
Base and lid filled with a non-toxic insulating gel
Lid made of white polycarbonate with printed coding
The mini-cooler is pre-cooled in freezer at -20° C
and maintains a temperature of -15° C for up to 2 hours
Dimensions with lid: 243 x 157 x 100 mm (W x D x H)
Height with folded safety bar: 150 mm

• Holds 32 microtubes or cryotubes from 0.5 to 2 ml
   (16 adapter for 0.5 ml microtubes included)

per pc.
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