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Helipur® H plus N » HELN

Helipur<sup>®</sup> H plus N » HELN
Concentrated liquid with pleasant fragrance, aldehyde-based
for gentle treatment of e.g. flexible endoscopes,
anesthesia equipment and other thermolabile materials.
Effective against bacteria (including MRSA and TB-B), spores and fungi
Limited virucidal (incl. HBV, HCV, HIV) and virucidal
Very economical due to low concentration
(DGHM / VAH): 1% / 30 minutes and 1.5% / 15 minutes
Can be used in ultrasonic baths, formaldehyde-free

Use disinfectants safely!
Read labeling and product information before use.

Gefahr: H302+H332-H334-H335-H314-H317-H412

capacityprice per
HELN1 - 1,5 %5 ltr.94,90 €

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