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Microtubes orig. eppendorf® » RSL1

Microtubes orig. eppendorf<sup>®</sup> » RSL1
Made of clear polypropylene, autoclavable at 121 ° C
Minimal water retention, high chemical resistance
With easy to read graduation, natural color, writable flat lid
Maximum centrifugation speed up to 30,000 x g

article - no.
pack sizeprice
per pack
KaufenRK011,5 ml3810 X0030 125.1501000 pc.37,90 €
KaufenRSL00,5 mlSafe-Lock™0030 121.023500 pc.43,50 €
RSL11,5 mlSafe-Lock™0030 120.0861000 pc.43,90 €
KaufenRSL22,0 mlSafe-Lock™0030 120.0941000 pc.59,50 €

Fitting equipment

Microtube holder
Microtube holder
Microtube rack 96 with lid
Microtube rack 96 with lid

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