Centrifugal units

Centrifugal units
Two-piece membrane filter unit made of polypropylene
Removable filter insert with integrated membrane filter
For purification, isolation and separation of biomolecules
e.g. DNA or cell debris during centrifugation
Max. Centrifugation speed up to 25.000 x g

Filter insert for sample volumes up to 500 µl
Receiver-Tube with lid: Contents 2.0 ml
Pack consists of 100 filter cartridges and 100 Receiver Tubes

capacitypore sizefilter typepack sizeprice
per pack
ZE20In den Warenkorb
0,8 / 2,0 mlca. 0,4 µm
glass fiber100 pc.77,90 €
ZE30In den Warenkorb
0,8 / 2,0 ml0,2 µmcellulose acetat100 pc.79,90 €