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Dewar KGW » D26B

Dewar KGW » D26B
Dewar made by KGW with blue metal shell and glass insert
for storage and transport of thermosensitive samples
in coolants such as liquid nitrogen
Silver-reflective glass insert made of borosilicate glass 3.3
With insulated plastic lid and folding handle made ​​of aluminum

When using a gassing coolant (LN2), the plastic lid must
be provided with a central hole of about 2 mm Ø

volumeinner - Øinner heightprice
per pc.
D26B1000 ml100 mm150 mm139,00 €
KaufenD27B2000 ml138 mm170 mm195,00 €
KaufenD28B3000 ml138 mm230 mm235,00 €
KaufenD29B4000 ml138 mm310 mm285,00 €

Fitting equipment

Dewar NALGENE<sup>®</sup>

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