Transfer membranes Amersham™ Protran™ » NCA4

Transfer membranes Amersham™ Protran™ » NCA4
Transfer membrane on rolls for LifeScience applications
High binding capacity for proteins and nucleic acids
The membranes provide optimal background properties
and are compatible with a variety of detection methods
(especially with isotopic and colorimetric methods
as well as with chemiluminescence and fluorescence methods)
Made of pure nitrocellulose on a roll, size: 300 mm x 4 m

• Long shelf-life of bound proteins
• High binding capacity
• Low background
• Excellent signal-to-noise ratio

Articles replace the Whatman Protran membranes No. NC02/NC04

pore sizebinding
per roll
price from
5 rolls
KaufenNCA20,2 µm
150-176 µg
300 mm x 4 m355,00 €325,00 €
NCA40,45 µm
115-125 µg
300 mm x 4 m295,00 €269,00 €

Fitting equipment

Blotting paper
Blotting paper
Blotting paper <br />Whatman 3MM Chr
Blotting paper
Whatman 3MM Chr

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