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Microtubes, "SafeFit" » RSF1

The affordable alternative to expensive safety microtubes
Microtubes with lid made of high transparent polypropylene
The "SafeFit" special closure prevents the lid
from popping up during the incubation
Precise sealing of the lid for the lowest rates of evaporation
Specific stability in centrifugation for maximum safety
(supports up to 30,000 x g)
Frosted flat lid: writable and pierceable with cannula
Writing area and graduation for easy determination of volume
Made of biologically inert PP, completely free of heavy metals
Temperature stable from -80 ° to 121 ° C, autoclavable

New! Now also available as 5 ml version.

capacitycolorpack sizeprice
per pack
price from
10 packs
KaufenRK050,5 mlnatural1000 pc.19,90 €17,90 €
KaufenRK2G2,0 mlnatural1000 pc.25,90 €22,90 €
RSF11,5 mlnatural1000 pc.24,90 €20,90 €
KaufenRSF55,0 mlnatural200 pc.25,90 €21,90 €

Fitting equipment

Microtube holder
Microtube holder
Microtube rack 96 with lid (promo pack)
Microtube rack 96 with lid (promo pack)
Rack for microtubes
Rack for microtubes
Pestle for microtubes
Pestle for microtubes
Microtube racks 80 (promo pack)
Microtube racks 80 (promo pack)

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