Pipette tips, bagged, Gilson Diamond® » DTE1

Pipette tips, bagged, Gilson Diamond<sup>®</sup> » DTE1
Original Gilson® Pipette tips in inexpensive EcoPacks
Made of pure, crystal clear polypropylene with no additives
Highest precision and accuracy for all micro pipettes
Pack size = 10 x 1000 tips in sealed, resealable bags

typevolumepack sizeprice
per pack
DTE1D100,1 - 10 µl10.000 pc.229,00 €
KaufenDTE2DL100,1 - 20 µl10.000 pc.229,00 €
KaufenDTE3D2002 - 200 µl10.000 pc.169,00 €
KaufenDTE4D1000100 - 1000 µl10.000 pc.169,00 €

Fitting equipment

Pipette tips, racked, Gilson Diamond<sup>®</sup>
Pipette tips, racked, Gilson Diamond®

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