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Gas safety burner

Gas safety burner
Type Phoenix II, for heating, burning and flame sterilizing
Designed for use in microbiological safety cabinets

• Directly connectable to the central gas supply with gas tubing
• burn time freely adjustable from 1 second to 120 minutes
• with integrated device tilting function: left / right
• stainless steel housing, UV-resistant, head removable for cleaning
• convertible nozzle for propane / butane gas (included)
• dimensions (W x D x H) 128 x 160 x 85 mm, weight about 1 kg
• connection: 230 V

• 2 models to choose from:

Type Phoenix II eco:
Flame ignition by footswitch or button (on / off)
Optimal for the safety cabinet, affordable price

Type Phoenix II standard:
Color display with choosable language
Ignition by sensor, foot switch or button (on / off)
Display of burn time

per pc.
BBS2In den Warenkorb
phoenix II eco with footswitch419,00 €
BBS4In den Warenkorb
phoenix II standard with colordisplay529,00 €
BBSAIn den Warenkorb
adapter for gas cartridges CV 36099,00 €