Membrane controlled vacuum pumps, KNF

Membrane controlled vacuum pumps, KNF
Durable and powerful KNF membrane pumps type N 816.3
Double-headed, dry running pumps for various applications
100 % oil-free transfer, maintenance-free, high gas tightness
For slightly aggressive or corrosive gases and vapors

Specially designed and developed for the vacuum Filtration
Eco-friendly replacement for water jet pumps

• Flow rate: 16 liters. / min
• Connectors: Pressure / Vacuum: Olive 6 mm Ø
• End vacuum: 15 mbar abs.
• Protection: IP 20
• Weight: 3.95 kg

l x w x h in mm
per pc.
MVL1In den Warenkorb
N816.3 KN.18w/o vacuumeter /
w/o vac control
361 x 90 x 141639,00 €
MVL2In den Warenkorb
N816.3 KN.45.18vacuumeter suction
with vac control
361 x 90 x 190755,00 €