Syringe filters CA, sterile » FI02

Syringe filters CA, sterile » FI02
Ready to use syringe filters, individually wrapped sterile
For clear and sterile filtration of small and medium volumes
Low protein binding, for aqueous solutions (hydrophilic)
Easy handling, proven quality for laboratory applications

• Celluloseacetate (CA) membrane
• Case made of MBS: 28 mm Ø
• Input: female LuerLock
• Output: male LuerSlip
• Housing resistant up to 50 ° C
• Dead volume ≤ 0.1 ml
• Max. Pressure: 4.5 bar

pore sizeFlow ratepack sizeprice
per pack
price from
5 packs
price from
10 packs
FI020,2 µm60 ml / min50 pc.89,90 €79,90 €75,90 €
KaufenFI040,45 µm160 ml / min50 pc.89,90 €79,90 €75,90 €

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